Tour Journal – Countdown

// July 20th, 2011 // Tour Journal

Countdown! Final home days before 2nd leg of touring. I might get a new bass for this round, been looking at a Gibson EBO…I’ve ALWAYS played Fenders except one tour when I played a Les Paul bass that weighed about 2 tons. Anyway, this bass is hip, cool, sounds a little muddy but worst of all it’s, ugh…BROWN. Hmm. Maybe I have time to get it painted? 1st world problems as they say.

Stay tuned and check out tour pics to see what I decide.

Excited for a rare BlueBonnets show at Antones next week, July 28. If you are in the vicinity of Austin, this band is well worth checking out. I have a new ‘Bonnets track underway in my studio, The BassMint – called “Machine” about a workaholic who shuts down their feelings by keeping busy all the time. We want our Eve to sing it, she only sings 3-4 songs and she is like a secret weapon that we need to fire more!!

Spending some time with mom on tour is exciting for an 8 year old, but I’ve felt kind of bad this summer that I didn’t get to take my daughter anywhere special and well, vacationy. So for the heck of it, we did a little road trip that took us to see my dad at his house on Lake Livingston outside Houston (I helped him buy it last year with my REAL ESTATE LICENSE!) It was a foreclosure property that was a wreck, but he’s completely renovated it. We then went on to Galveston. Me, a Texas native, have lived in this state 25 yrs of my life and never went there. I re-connected with a fabulous family friendĀ from the 1970′s. As some of you know from reading my (RIP) Twitter memoir, I feel extremely blessed to have been a teenager in the 70s.

Speaking of the memoir, those who have been asking will be happy to learn that it will be coming back in blog form, accessible from this website. Very soon. I hope. I’m very caught up and enamored with the process of writing this debut screenplay, but so in the writing mode that I think it won’t be too much to get that lil memoir up and running again.

Still have to move my mom into her new home, and lots of work needs to be planned for the property I acquired for her to live in. All in all, I feel busy, blessed and happy. I wish the same for all of you and hope each day is filled with anticipation and hope for the possibilities that every opportunity brings to your life ;)