Summer Wrap-Up

// September 29th, 2011 // Tour Journal, update

Hard to believe it’s been a month since the Ladies Gone Wild Tour ended.  So much fun!!!  Last show was in my home town, and it felt great to be onstage at the Paramount, an icon of a venue here in downtown Austin.  The highlights of that month were getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of fame (photo by Robert Matheu) -our amazing fans and a persistent team put together by our management finally got their attention!  I really enjoyed our shows in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco – these cities left me with standout memories, not only were the audiences stellar, but the character and vibe of each of these fabulous places was so evident this time, more so than ever before.  LA is always special to me, having spent my 20′s, 30′s, and most of my 40′s there, you can imagine the friendships acquired over time and playing the Greek, getting a chance to see so many of my best pals in one place…well, let’s just say I felt overwhelmed with blessings.

My daughter came on the road with me for a week, and as luck would have it, I got to fly home on a day off and be there for her first day of third grade.

So, being home…shifting gears, dealing with the stuff that doesn’t seem like it exists when I’m in the touring Go-Go bubble…took a few weeks to adjust really.  I got to play a great show with the BlueBonnets for Austin Pride.  Our main squeeze drummer, Kristy came for that, and we got to record, finally, a song that we worked up right before we stopped being the Delphines, called Playing With Guns.  It’s a really fun song, has everything we’re about in it – garage band intensity, shredding guitars, harmonies and some American roots rock flavor.  Can’t wait for you to hear finished song!

I started vocal lessons – yes, even after all this time I like to get some fresh input to how I can improve in the areas I don’t pay so much attention to. Found a great teacher who has taught me so much already, I’m really wanting to write and record some solo stuff…when??  argh!

let’s see, what else….

  • I will be featured a little in the October issue of Austin Woman magazine, and appearing on a panel Friday Sept. 30 as part of their 9th year celebration.
  • Working with Adrian and the Sickness on some great new tracks.
  • Did a photo session and should have a few new shots up soon, including a print I will sign and send for a small price tag.
  • Got started on the blog version of KV Memoir, gathering photos to include.

I’m sure I am forgetting something here, but there’s always next update, which I promise will not be so long in coming!


Go-Go's Hollywood Walk of Fame 2011