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Spring Update

// April 4th, 2012 // No Comments » // News, update

Hey there,

Catching up time!  Let’s see….live playing….the BlueBonnets played several great parties and events SXSW week, and the following week did the Etta James tribute at Antone’s.  It was a packed house and the critics pick so that was all kinds of awesome.

Got real busy in the studio with my friend CJ Eiriksson who I tapped to co-produce and engineer recording 2 songs I co-wrote with a band I’m working with.  They are all women, and have previously been a cover band, wanted to make the jump to having their own sound and songs.  Holding off a little longer to give you links, name, etc. until we get these 2 tunes up and ready to debut.  Stay tuned, worth the wait for sure.

The ASCAP Pop Awards and Expo are coming up, and I was invited, along with Charlotte and Jane to sing three of our Go-Go’s hits.  I’ll perform Vacation, Char will do We Got The Beat and Jane’ll sing Our Lips Are Sealed.  Very much looking forward to seeing those girls and making the trip to LA for both the awards event and expo the following day.

Ten days later, I’ll be back in LA …rehearsing with the Go-Go’s for seven shows lasting through May 13.  Click here for dates and ticket info!

There is also a fall tour in the planning stages, including an already committed, booked and advertised night at the HOLLYWOOD BOWL!  Haven’t played there in over 30 years, so super excited.

Slowly, like excruciatingly slowly, I am trying to put together songs for a 2nd KV release.  It will chronicle a a time in my life that I want to write about, to make a collection that is cohesive and all fits together.

In regular life, I’m still plugging away on my screenplay, in a workshop to help keep me on track. Watching my daughter, 9, continue to amaze me daily just by being the person she is. Taking care of 2 cats and a dog, and packing up the house we’ve lived in the past 7 years in order to sell and move.

I’ll post pics and more news when I get some!


Tour Journal: June 13

// June 13th, 2011 // No Comments » // Tour Journal

What a great little tour!! I’m so grateful, on a daily basis, that so many people still find the Go-Go’s relevant and meaningful. Our concerts still attract not only our loyal, steadfast fans, but brand new ones who have never had the opportunity to see us live.

The band is different live than many expect – there is a spirit and energy that we conjure up together and it makes each show special in it’s own unique way. It’s always interesting afterwards to hear what each GoGo thinks of the show we just played. Our perspectives are so different!! One Go-Go might say, for instance – it was difficult, couldn’t find a rhythm, felt awkward, crowd seemed unresponsive…and another will say that was the best audience ever! I loved that show!! It was great!!! And we are talking about the same gig!! No matter what any individual is going through, the whole comes across – to our fans, to each other even. In our own silly ass, haphazard way, we are pros.

Anyway, here’s some highlights from the past couple weeks…

Let’s see, we missed a tornado in Springfield, Mass by a matter of a couple of hours after playing Northampton. I spent the afternoon of our show with Charlotte at her good friend Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth’s home…she made us dinner and we got ready for the Calvin Theater show there. That was cool!!! That town was so appealing and lovely I immediately cracked out the Trulia app on my iPad and started pricing homes in the neighborhood. One of my fave past times is real estate, I got licensed a couple of years ago. Don’t love it enough to do it like a job, but I love being Ms. Lookie Loo on the internet, open houses, etc, and dreaming of all the homes I’d love to own : )

My fave SVT head broke down and in Morristown I had to use a spare which sounded awful on stage, like big farts. ugh, really ruined things – I am a TONE SLAVE, if it sounds good to me, I play infinitely better. So I got rattled, had my rough night there. Hopefully none of you that were in attendance noticed – haha, wish Gina hadn’t noticed but she did. C’est La Vie…we had a day off in NYC which started off fab, but by the end I felt like something was trying to get me…I pounded the Zicam, Airborne, Oscillococcinum, EmergenC – went to bed and woke up A-Ok. So you can say what you like about all that stuff, for me, if I start at the first hint of sick, I can usually stop it dead in it’s tracks. Fantastic guitar tech Steve Norton got me a new bass head ($1600 out of my pocket, ouch!) I know, they should just give me that stuff shouldn’t they?!

Up at 5 am for Good Morning America, which is so worth it, because millions of people watch and get reminded or get schooled who the Go-Go’s are. I went right back to hotel for a nap. I can never take naps at home, but out here, it’s survival of the rested. Irving Plaza – what can I say? The Go-Go’s thrive in that environment, the up close rabid fans packed like sardines singing every word to every song…this was us in our element, no doubt, and the show was triumphant.

Afterwards, Belinda’s voice was shot. She’d been to the doctor earlier and was told that the entire tour could be lost if she didn’t take 3 days rest and follow complete orders from special vocal doc. She felt so bad, can you imagine having so much riding on your ability to sing for 85 minutes? Canceling a show is a very serious matter, it damages the band’s rep with venues, fans, bookers, etc. and is only done in the most dire situation. I hopped a morning JetBlue flight to Austin for the 3 days, got to see my daughter’s hip hop dance recital which had me sobbing with pride and love. Sometimes it feels like there’s a guardian angel for sure, looking out for us and giving us just what we need most. I know we had fans who not only missed our Atlantic City and Foxwoods shows, but also lost out on expensive airfares and hotel rooms…I don’t know where your guardian angels were, but I speak for the whole band when I say how much we regret those circumstances and hope more than anything that something good came from that loss. One good thing, for the whole – not the individual – is that Belinda’s voice is strong again and we have continued on with no problems.

More later…. xK